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Quick-Compare our Jumbo Programs

Posted by Plaza Wholesale on July 8, 2021

Plaza Home Mortgage® gives you two great options for offering Jumbo loans to your borrowers. Our Jumbo 1 and Jumbo AUS programs are both excellent for your clients looking to purchase or refinance higher value homes.

Program Highlights:

Jumbo AUS

  • Up to $2 million
  • Up to 89.9% LTV
  • Utilize DU® or LPA® for doc requirements
  • No Appendix Q
  • 45% DTI
  • Reduced reserve requirements

Jumbo 1

  • Up to $2.5 million
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • High Balance Areas Eligible
  • 43% DTI
  • Co-ops and TX Cash-out allowed

For more program details, you can download our Jumbo Comparison.

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