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New in BREEZE: Redesigned Loan Conditions + Quick Pricer Screens

Posted by Plaza Home Mortgage on February 27, 2023
Plaza Home Mortgage

As you’ve probably noticed, we have been making significant enhancements to the Plaza Home Mortgage® BREEZE system lately as we continue ongoing work to provide a fast, modern and easy-to-use experience throughout the entire loan process.

What’s New Now

The Loan Conditions and Quick Pricer screens have been redesigned. Note that the functionality of these screens remains the same. But they have a new look and feel, making them easier to navigate and process your loan information.

Loan Conditions Screen

Key Changes:

  • The submissions graph at the top has changed and now displays the
    upload count in text
  • Loan condition numbers have been added back in

Take a look at this short video. You’ll see the screen redesign and can get a refresher on the conditions upload process.

Quick Pricer Screen

The Quick Pricer screen now aligns with the new overall look and feel of BREEZE. Pricing is still as quick as before but now has a more modern appearance.



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